Corporations and booze

In NY no one drives to work so companies are much more willing to give their employees booze. They give drink tickets at our quarterly Company performance meetings.

In Iowa, everyone drives to work so companies are afraid if they give their employees booze they’ll drive home drunk.

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Kiddie Culture

In Iowa, you probably have a zoo, botanical garden, and science center within driving distance.

In NYC, you have 4 zoos, 3 botanical gardens, and two science centers within driving distance.

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So yeah, Pumpkins don’t really work in pots. I have two pumpkin plants in one large window box.
After aborting maybe 8 or 9 baby pumpkins, two made it through the early stages of development. One looked pretty promising and has a nice pumpkin about 9-10″ in diameter. The other one has a runt about 5-6″ in diameter. I think they’re supposed to be full-sized pumpkins. The plant is now dying off and here’s why.

Come to find out, a pumpkin tries to root at ever leaf. Each leaf needs a rather direct source of nutrients in order to survive and make a pumpkin…so it has to have dirt under it the entire length of the vine. Go figure.

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So I decided to start counting the birds I see from my back patio. I’m up to a dozen so far with another 3 or 4 that I haven’t been able to identify yet.

  1. Canadian Goose
  2. Rock Pigeon
  3. Morning Dove
  4. Red-bellied Woodpecker
  5. American Robin
  6. Northern Mockingbird
  7. European Starling
  8. Blue Jay
  9. Northern Cardinal
  10. House Finch
  11. Chipping Sparrow
  12. House Sparrow
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night sky

You’ll never see this in NY

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Measuring Distance

In Iowa, things are measured in miles. If someone says “How far away is it?”, and the response is “20 miles”, everyone knows its about 20 minutes away. 1 mile = 1 minute.

In NY, things are measured purely in minutes. If someone says “How far away is it?”, and the response is “about an hour”, its probably anywhere from 3-7 miles.

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2011 Garden

So, now that I live in a house with zero dirt in the back yard, I’m container-ing it. We’ll see what lives.  So far I’ve got:

  • Peas
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Sun Flowers (just for bird food, they’re in old sheet-rock compound buckets and don’t think its really a good idea to eat out of them)
  • White Pumpkins
  • Cantelope
  • Rhubarb (the same plant from last year)
  • Sweet Potato
  • A Cherry Bush
  • I had radishes and onions, but already pulled them out and put more peas in (what was I thinking)
  • A grape vine

I went a little crazy in the front yard. Most of the 10×10 yard is in the shade so I had to go with mostly shade tolerant stuff:

  • Blueberry bushes (moved the 4 from the old house)
  • Black Raspberry bush (from the old house)
  • 2 Huckleberry bushes
  • 2 Juneberry bushes
  • 2 Gooseberry bushes
  • 1 Cranberry bush
  • 2 Asparagus plants
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Hugs & Kisses

After being with someone for 20 years you get complacent about showing your affections for each other.  They boy is unhappy about this.  Every time either David or I part Joseph comes running to the door making a kissing sound and waving his arms.  While somewhat annoying when we are already 10 minutes late for something, it’s good that we stop and take the 30 seconds it takes to give each other a hug and kiss and tell David to be safe.

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When someone in Iowa mentions Rochester, the recipient usually thinks about world-class hospitals.

When someone in NYC mentions Rochester, the recipient usually thinks about republicans and recreational boating.

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In Iowa, some people think they need a 4×4…

so do some people in NY…

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